We want to become professional psychology counselor seriously!
We can acquire authorized qualification of American foundation!
Day selectable abundant lecture to be able to learn in small number of people system
We can learn while working


It is Junko Asahina of Mayor of Institute of Institute of psychology counselor Coco Shine.

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In our academy, we open a course in original lecture that we specialized in psychology basics lecture, corporation international psychology study foundation authorization lecture in America, each field to base regularly around Tokyo, Okinawa, Hawaii in the field of 2 of "clinical psychology" "counseling psychology".

What is psychology? We will occasionally have no question.
Heart of person comes to be readable! We become able to control person! Oneself is changed! Trouble disappears!
Psychology seems to generally have partial image to say to.
Is it influence of media and sold book? .

But, actually, we become able to understand one's heart and thought! We can judge oneself! We have own way of life to judge, and to include awareness! Constructive trouble is possible! It is psychology to become nadono clue.

We are stubborn, and heart of person is multifaceted and another person is like being able to rule and knows deepening if we deepen psychology if there is not.

Want person aiming at psychology counselor to know in particular, but understand heart of person even if acquire in skill, and deepen theory how; is that it is absolutely impossible to be able to understand. It is impossible to understand all the hearts that are changeable even if only anything is friendly relation, and are multifaceted. Therefore skill "hearing" and modest feeling to face one in front with sincere feeling are important.

Most of troubles are human being.
Speaking of human relations, external things such as school, the workplace, family, friend, lover attract attention.

However, communication with oneself includes human relations to be really improved.
How do you sell you?
In deference to oneself, do you listen to say, complaint, thought?
Own how to handle is performed reflection (projection) of by communication with the outside.
It is difficult for person who does not respect oneself to respect another person. Oneself who is at the mercy of when we respect another person without respecting oneself falls into relations that there is not.
If there is not communication, oneself appears in a certain say and various thought in complaint and bad-mouth to the circumference and form to say in oneself, and it is human relations that aftertaste is bad.

Our academy puts weight in what "go out with oneself how" or "does handling that how about oneself live?".
The internal richness appears on the outside.
The richness that appeared on the inside, the outside lets way of oneself of life is simple, and it make neutral.

With autonomy and awareness, it is idea of our academy to aim at way of oneself of life that produces the life for one's sense, to bring up.

2016 Junko Asahina

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