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"Psychology experience + school briefing session" Okinawa meeting place second holding

It is ... to one to be ... psychology counselor


We want to learn study called psychology that wants to aim at professional psychology counselor seriously seriously,

For such one, it is Institute of psychology counselor Coco Shine,

We hold psychology experience + school briefing session.


Psychology counselor is professional listening to story, and trouble is confided in peace in space that was completely followed,

And it is consultant keeping confidentiality.


In late years counselor various psychology demanded throughout the trade,

You learn seriously, too, and do you not step forward to the first step?


One where was passed for qualifying examination after psychology counselor training program completion,

We can acquire authorized qualification of American corporation international psychology study foundation.


* The date and time:   Friday, March 17, 2017 from 19:00 to 21:00

* Meeting place:   Naha new capital heart meeting place

* Entrance fee:   3,000 yen

* Application:  Apply by the following telephone or email by 3/5.

※We tell about the details such as meeting places after application.

* Tel:    0120-66-0329

* Mail:    info@oceanic-game .com

* HP:    http://www.coco-shine .com

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