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The "psychology mini-experience lecture & school briefing session" in Okinawa third

... psychology mini-experience lecture & school briefing session ...


Coaching, NLP, self-culture…We spent money and time on nadono seminar and the teaching materials,

We cannot see change at all and terminate in temporary elation. . Why is it? 


"Trouble disappears" which "we can become me of integer"

"It is possible for spirit in people" which "heart of person comes to be readable"

➡ In many people who learned psychology, coaching, NLP,

Does image to cause such a misunderstanding not go out alone?


"We were persuaded, and one's feeling lost its eyesight" of which "we were made to have settled atmosphere"

Which "we vomited, and there was not complaint" "came to often persist in result"

 Even if we learn coaching and self-culture,

On the contrary, may feeling come to one that became heavy?



In late years as for the various seminars that we applied psychology to being held, and touching so far which there was not,

We may put weight in heart of oneself.  

In business side as for Adlerian psychology and coaching, the NLP,

Thing which we stimulate sluggish mind side and improve goes up in topic.  

However, we terminate in temporary uplift even if we learn no matter how much and,

May there be much one saying that there is not, and the durability does not lead to result? 

Though there is, heart does not reach motivation! There is reason running out of noniha size. 

Though pain is relaxed when we take pain-killer when we have a toothache, it has same cavity as what is not repaired.

When though wound of heart is not closed, in defiance of wound, we overdo it,

Original power is not shown. 

In Institute of our psychology counselor Cocoshine, we have counseling skill,

We hold seminar by lecturer with the results as professional counselor.


While snuggling up to heart of students; with oneself face each other; one,

We put weight for how to use talent of oneself,

We tell about clinical psychology and counseling psychology through experience of oneself.

As it is skill acquisition lecture to become professional psychology counselor,

We think to be that it leads to career up.  

As coaching that everybody learned so far and the real ability to make use of other skills in practically,

We are happy if you can make use of psychology.


Institute of psychology counselor Coco Shine

Mayor of academy Junko Asahina



* The date:  March 24, 2017 from 19:00 to 21:30

* Meeting place:   Okinawa Naha new capital heart meeting place

* Entrance fee:  4,000 yen

* Application date: March 10

Apply by telephone or email at the following.

Toll free number 0120-66-0329 (water, from 12:00 to 20:00 except day)

Mail: info@oceanic-game .com


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