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Q: Psychology has very difficult image, but we can follow study or are uneasy


A: Unfamiliar words and English are surely mixed in psychology, and there is difficult image.

In our academy, we crunch psychobabble clearly and push forward class to be able to feel psychology as imminent thing.

We learn and become able to inflect immediately in life.

It is characteristic of our school that can push forward class for sense playing a game of search for oneself happily. Please participate in class in peace.



Q: Do you get qualifications after graduation?


A: Our academy becomes authorized school of "American corporation international psychology study foundation".

When after completing each foundation designated lecture, we pass authorized examination hosted by foundation,

We can acquire qualification of "American corporation international psychology study foundation" authorization.

In authorized qualification "authorized psychology counselor" "counselor authorized psychology pro" "counselor authorized love"

There is "authorized fashiriteta" "authorization art therapist".



Q: Can you connect to work after qualification?


A: In our academy, it recruits psychology counselor and psychology lecturers at any time.

In now when psychological demand increases, our academy to counselor, lecturer with qualification,

We think that we want you to play an active part by all means.

In addition, we become independent and, after qualification, can practice medicine. We accept support of that purpose and consultation at any time.

Qualification of "American corporation international psychology study foundation" authorization becomes qualification to be good in both Japan and the United States.

As well as Japan, we can play an active part abroad.



Q: Does trouble disappear when we learn psychology?


A: One's heart and love and courage to face each other grow up by learning psychology.

Way of coping for trouble becomes early, and we increase choices, and there comes to be decision.

I think that sensitivity is rich, and high spirit of self-advancement influences reason why person is troubled with.

Trouble does not disappear, and please think method to learn, and to deal out of trouble to be provided.



Q: Can you learn even when working?

A: Most of one gone to in our academy are one of businessman and manager.

We prepare system which can choose day and time to be able to meet such a needs.

It is contents which you can keep alive in daily life while going on 1st in week with a choice of time and day.

Don't worry.



Q: Is heart of another person readable when we learn psychology?

A: We do not read heart of another person, and it becomes able to be understood.

As psychology is study to learn function of heart, it is provided with knowledge and the way to understand including own heart.

Attendance live voice

○H (27 years old, man) attendance lecture: Psychology counselor training program


Study was hateful me, but class of this school work often experience,

There was not image called formal study at all.

Thus, we were able to learn "psychology" like game happily.



○M (40 years old, woman) attendance lecture: Psychology counselor training program


From lecturer "another person is not changed in the past. Oneself and advice that is changed in the future,

It becomes present one's signpost.

As, by class, we were able to learn theory well, and, also, power began practice,

Confidence when oneself worked as counselor ran out.



○N (48 years old, woman) attendance lecture: Psychology counselor training program, self-realization, etc.


As lecturer can teach theory while giving example one by one, it is very plain,

As work began all classes, we were able to learn deeply while comparing with oneself.

In addition, we know that communication with one's heart is proportional to communication with another person,

We came to keep talks with one's heart in mind.

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